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Barry’s Old School Irish Pub in downtown Webster, NY is quite the find.  Its a haven for all things Irish.  Whether you’re in the mood for a Guinness, a Jameson or a ‘Sheepdog’ (a hotdog smothered in shepherds pie, as seen above) this spot can take care of you.  The staff is super friendly and its totally affordable!  Want to read more, take a look at the Cheap Eats article in Rochester’s CITY Newspaper!

Check out Photoshelter’s buyers page! This month I’m one of their featured photographers!

Check out Photoshelter’s buyers page! This month I’m one of their featured photographers!

When a restaurant is known for its crab cakes, oysters and burgers, you know you’ve found a good spot.  J. Paul’s is not only delicious, it’s also smack in the middle of Georgetown’s busy M st. corridor.  After devouring a delicious meal you can wander out of J. Paul’s and walk right into any number of other bars within a block or two.  If you’re a fan of crab cakes, this is your place!  I’d recommend this place to a friend…

Imagine yourself in Italy.  You’ve happened upon a small, family owned, pasta restaurant.  The place is packed, there’s a line out the door.  You finally get inside and you’re promptly seated at a small table; the heat and smells from the kitchen fill the air.  You glance around and see mounds of pasta and carafes of wine in front of lots of jolly diners.  The servers are gruff and to the point, your interactions are brief but when the food arrives, you stop caring about the service all you can do is focus in on the pound of pasta that just landed in front of you.  Now, imagine all this in the bustling Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington DC.  

Pasta Mia is a family owned italian restaurant that serves up massive amounts of pasta in delicious house-made sauces.  Roberto and Antonietta, the husband and wife duo, have been slinging their delicious pastas at Pasta Mia for over 20 years.  They do what they do very well, so don’t ask them to change!  (This means no substitutions)  The restaurant is CASH ONLY, so be prepared!  Also be prepared to bring home left-overs!

In DC and looking for a good, quick burger?  Look no further than Black & Orange at 14th & U.  You may be tempted to walk right past and brush it off as ‘just another fast food place’ but, make no mistake, this place is worth it!  They’ve got some deliciously original burgers and some great beers on tap!  So, next time you’re exploring U st. or 14th st., stop on in to Black & Orange, you won’t regret it!  

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Finemondo restaurant provides a twist on traditional Italian cuisine.  Well situated just a couple blocks from the White House and the Metro Center subway station, Finemondo is a delicious respite from busy downtown Washington DC.  Try their homemade tiramisu with raspberry sauce, it’s creamy and delicious!  To see more of my food and restaurant photography, check out my website:

Panache Restaurant is a hidden little eatery on Desales St. NW.  Just 1/2 block off of busy Connecticut Ave, Panache is a culinary haven in an otherwise bland business district.  Try the Petit Filet, it was superb.  To see more of my food and restaurant photography, head on over to my website:

Minibar by José Andrés in downtown Washington D.C. is a in a class of its own in this capital city.  Here, molecular gastronomy rules the roost.  José Andrés’ creations challenge your understanding of what food is and what you can expect from a restaurant.  You may pay a hefty price for a ‘meal’ but you’re paying for a once-in-a-lifetime experience more than anything else.  Check out their website here: And to see more of my work, go here:

The Monocle Restaurant in Washington D.C. is a staple of Capitol Hill culture.  With photos of Senators and Congressmen on the walls, this establishment has played host to powerful statesmen from both sides of the aisle for many years.  These photos were taken for Zagat and Google.  To see more of my work, check out: